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Tesco is a UK-based international grocery and general merchandising retail chain, and is the largest UK retailer.

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Careers at Tesco come in many different forms. Which is just what you'd expect from a successful and varied business like ours. And with 470,000 people worldwide and over 2,300 stores in the UK alone, we can offer the kind of diversity of opportunity that you're unlikely to find anywhere else. But it's not just the variety that makes Tesco a rewarding business to join. We’re doing lots to help the environment and local communities too – from using our own Tesco train and barge for stock deliveries, to donating £57m to charities in 2008 including Marie Curie Cancer Care and Cancer Research. In this section, you can discover more about our culture, our work environment and, most importantly, where you fit in. And to back up what we tell you, you can hear it from some of our graduates who've already been through the process.

CAREERS AT TESCO Tesco career paths are just about as wide as our business. And, as one of our future business leaders, we’ll expect you to take every opportunity to broaden your knowledge and progress through the business. Once you complete your graduate programme, you’ll have developed a full range of technical, project and people skills. With those skills under your belt you’ll be more than ready to move into a larger role with more responsibility and accountability. And by the time you’ve built on these skills, the world, as they say, will be your oyster. Well, the world of Tesco, anyway. Which should be big enough for the time being. So if you decide that you’d like to further your career in another Tesco business area, we can help you make it happen.

DOTCOM Our vision here at Tesco Dotcom is to become every customer's favourite way to shop online, whether they are at home, out shopping, on the move, anywhere in the world. And through one of the most ambitious retail programmes ever undertaken, we aim to become the world's best multi-channel retailer too. We want our customers to be inspired and whatever they are looking for, we’re finding bigger and better ways to provide it. Everything is underpinned by our continuous drive for the best tools and technology to deliver our vision. We’re driving innovation and transforming our IT to become the world’s leading e-commerce business. We need people who share our ambition to deliver for our customers. Passionate and confident people willing to take the initiative and drive us forwards. OPERATIONS DEVELOPMENT When you think about Tesco, it's impossible to get past the fact that our operations are well regarded in the industry. But that's not good enough - we're always looking for the next breakthrough which will take us up another notch. Which is where our Operations Development people come in. What's involved Their job is to optimise the operating model for the UK business, continually improving the way we work in stores, distribution and head office. It's about working with the respective functions to analyse, shape and deliver opportunities to make our core processes better, simpler and cheaper. It's also about adding extra skills and expertise - in areas such as problem solving, change management and project management And they also play a co-ordination role between projects to enable good decision making. In other words, it's a hugely important part of what we do.

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