About us

At BraveNewTalent, we want to be the home of lifelong learning – helping individuals reach their professional potential, and organizations attract, engage and develop talent.

We bring enterprise organizations and individuals together in online communities to share knowledge, exchange ideas and engage with mentors.

Our online communities recognize and reward member contributions, allowing the best talent to rise to the top on merit.

Mission: Democratize Education and Meritocracize Opportunity

Our vision is to make professional learning social.

We believe so much of the world’s knowledge is locked inside the experience of professionals, and within the confines of company walls. We want to provide a medium to unlock this knowledge and experience.

We see online communities as the most efficient way to deliver this. We believe the future of learning lies in the curation of content through communities.

Organizations need social learning to attract, engage and develop talent.

By making professional learning social, we are creating a parallel model of education that better meets global industry demands.


Everything we do is driven by our company values:

The Story Behind BraveNewTalent