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Innocent Drinks are a global, natural, ethical food and drinks company always remaining commercially successful & socially aware.

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We want to create a business we can be proud of. And we want innocent to become a global, natural, ethical food and drinks company, always remaining commercially successful and socially aware. To make this happen, we need brilliant people, who inspire and deliver change all around them.

So that’s why we’re always looking for talented, ambitious and altruistic folks to come and join us. Our style is to work hard, and to make sure that everyone gets to share in the upside. To give people the opportunity to develop themselves and each other, and to reward them when they do so. And to bake everyone a homemade cake on their birthday.

It’s an approach that’s led to us being awarded The Best Workplace in the UK by both The Guardian and The National Business Award along with a whole selection of other awards. And we intend to make it even better. Make good food. We know we're not going to be winning any prizes for fancy writing with a sentence like that, but we like simple, and this purpose covers our three biggest beliefs when it comes to food.

Firstly, we believe that we should make food that tastes delicious and re-engages people with how wonderful natural, non-messed-around-with food can be. Secondly, our food should be genuinely healthy, made only from ingredients that are positively good for you, and, without putting too fine a point on it, help people live a bit longer. And thirdly that our food should be sustainable, so it is grown and made in a way that is environmentally and socially responsible and has a light ecological footprint, so it is better for the people involved in making it as well as for those people eating it.

And we hope that if we keep focussing on doing these things, and make decisions that are in the interests of our growers and our customers and the planet we live on, and resist the temptation to compromise, we can in our own small way help 'make business good' too. Essentially, at the deepest level, innocent is about trying to prove that there is profit in ethics and doing the right thing.

Our GrassRoots programme. They'll be taking on five shiny new graduates into the commercial team this year and they hope that one of them will be you. You'll spend the first three months with a personal coach being put through your paces learning sales skills. After that you'll be given a proper role in the team, managing seven of customers.

You’ll be supported with great managers and lots of classroom training to sharpen your commercial skills. After 16 months on our grass roots programme you'll be ready to accelerate towards becoming one of the future leaders in the UK, Europe or the world. Blooming marvellous. Innocent drinks are looking for five top notch graduates. By top notch they mean that you will have achieved some impressive stuff, as well as a 2.1 degree (predicted or equivalent).

Because of this, you will already be demonstrating strengths in some key areas that will be of importance in commercial roles:
You have a talent for developing rapport quickly with lots of different people
You enjoy building relationships (don't worry, single people can still qualify)
You like nothing more than negotiating a good bargain
You thrive on managing lots of important things at once
You love solving complex problems
You naturally take the lead to get stuff done
You’ll also need: A full UK driving license
Eligibility to work in the UK

Does this sound like you? If you’re nodding vigorously in your chair, you should probably stop as you’ll embarrass yourself. That’s better. Now go and connect with us.

We have found that people who do really well at innocent tend to have strengths in some specific areas. We look for evidence of these at every stage of our recruitment process from CV screening to the final meeting with one of our chief squeezers.We will also test the more specific skills that will  make you great at the job you are applying for. These will vary from role to role and you will probably be able to pick most of them out of the job description on this website if you look closely.

Some of the key areas that we test in everyone who comes to interview are:
Has the smarts – At innocent we look for people who can take on board all sorts of complex information, process it quickly and present it back in a clear and simple way. We look for people who are comfortable navigating their way through ambiguous situations and come up with high quality solutions.
Great leadership – These people excel in setting and communicating clear direction. These are individuals who identify opportunities for improvement and lead their team through the ups and downs that follow. This is by no means the preserve of our managers - everyone shares in the responsibility from day one.
Delivers results – These people consistently deliver outstanding results themselves and through others. They get excited by the 'F' in FMCG* and their work raises the standard of what we know to be possible. They are tenacious in the face of obstacles and rarely take no for an answer.
* FMCG = Fast Moving Consumer Goods. It's a posh name for the industry we're in.
Raises their game – People who raise their game are curious and interested, always searching for ways to be better versions of themselves both at home and work. These people are the first to give and receive constructive feedback, adapting and learning quickly to be even more successful next time.
Lives the values – So if you've ticked all the boxes so far that's great, now here's the bottom line. There are plenty of ways of getting things done but there are five qualities that we'll never compromise on at innocent. The final must haves are a commitment to the values that are central to our business - remaining natural, responsible, commercial, entrepreneurial and generous whether with our drinkers, customers, suppliers or each other. Living these five values is an essential part of working with innocent.      

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