Our Team

  • Lucian Tarnowski

    Lucian Tarnowski

    Founder & CEOSee more

    Lucian is on a mission to democratize professional education and maximize human potential with the BraveNewTalent team. He has been honored as Europe's youngest Young Global Leader (YGL) by the World Economic Forum. He is also winner of the Global Enterprising Young Brit of 2009. He is on the UKTI (UK Trade and Investment's) Global Entrepreneur Program with BraveNewTalent being described by the UK Government as a “Technology Company of Exceptional Potential”.

    Lucian has experience of using social media to build online communities around youth leadership. In 2010 he led the social media outreach for One Young World - An initiative to give young people a place to engage and have their voices heard about their future. BraveNewTalent successfully engaged over 100,000 young people from more than 140 countries without any advertising budget.

    Lucian has a long association to India and is a youth advisor for Next Generation India on the Board of the UK India Business Council. In his spare time he runs Take Heart India, a no overheads charity that provides blind and handicapped students in rural India with the IT and employment skills that guarantee them a job for life. Lucian speaks to audiences around the world about the phenomenal change that is taking place around how we work, learn and communicate.

  • Jean McCormick

    Jean McCormick

    ContentSee more

    Jean McCormick is Vice President of Content for BraveNewTalent.

    Over the past 20 years, Jean has managed large and small teams at every step of the content supply chain including the creation, production, publication, distribution and monetization of all products.

    She began her career at the ABC News and ESPN units of Capital Cities (now Disney.) The first female producer at ESPN, she earned 7 Emmy Awards during her tenure there. She supervised content for SightPath, and MIT-incubated, Intel-funded startup that was sold to Cisco for $800 million in 2000. She served as Vice President of Content for myteam, which merged with The Active Network, and was listed on NASDAQ in 2010.

    Other positions include Head of Content for LRN, a corporate governance and ethics e-learning and advisory company in Los Angeles, and Managing Director for the Corporate Executive Board in Washington, D.C. A native of Boston, MA, she holds a BA with honors from Wellesley College and an MBA from Harvard Business School.

  • Gordon Murray Dent

    Gordon Murray Dent

    EngineeringSee more

    Gordon is a product-focussed engineer and is on-board to help shape the product offering here at BraveNewTalent. He has over 9 years development experience having previously worked in the field of medical informatics. He is polyglot by trade who has worked professionally with a number of languages and frameworks and is happy to embrace new technologies. He has exposure to various programming paradigms and in particular appreciates the merits of object-oriented and functional programming.

    Outside of work Gordon's pursuits include snowboarding, football and music festivals. He tastebuds regularly demand good quality coffee and interesting beer.

  • Master Burnett

    Master Burnett

    StrategySee more

    Master Burnett joins BraveNewTalent in a role dedicated to formulating boundary breaking products that radically rethink how the world's employers relate with and leverage the world's workforce. Prior to joining BraveNewTalent Master Burnett spent 15 years in progressive talent management related roles most recently serving as a global talent management adviser to the leadership of Global 500 organizations. Having engaged with organizations in more than 42 countries and on every continent, Master Burnett brings knowledge and understanding of the world's emerging workforce issues that will be vital in informing next generation solutions.

    Outside of work, Master Burnett "geeks out" on a variety of topics, most notably those related to empowering society through application of technology, global cuisine (he cooks it all), wine, global travel, and early childhood development. Master Burnett is an active foster parent and leads fundraising activities for a variety of charitable organizations that benefit children.

  • Marc Watley

    Marc Watley

    Market DevelopmentSee more

    As the Head of Market Development, Marc is focused on increasing market position for BraveNewTalent through new business development, relationship nurturing, and marketing program management.

    Marc has a passion for storytelling, solving problems, and making the right connections, and he brings nearly 20 years of success helping organizations do just that. Prior to joining BraveNewTalent, Marc worked for The Starr Conspiracy, an enterprise software marketing firm. Prior to The Starr Conspiracy, Marc served as CMO for Reppify, a social recruitment platform for enterprise. Marc has also worked for companies across the mobile technology market, including Brightpoint, American Wireless, and Verizon/Vodafone. Marc is active in the technology and start-up communities, and is Co-Founder of Datacenter Trust, a tech-focused financial analytics and market development consultancy. Marc also serves as Advisor to budtobud, a social music discovery platform.

    Marc follows a personal credo 'Smile often. Experience everything. Never follow.' and can be found outside of work enjoying music, photography, wine, and Formula One Racing.